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Stephanie Dolrenry

Lion Guardians/PRIDE Lion Conservation Alliance
Co-founder and Director of Science

Stephanie Dolrenry, PhD is Co-founder and Director of Science of Lion Guardians based in Maasailand, Kenya and across sites in East Africa. Stephanie has studied human-wildlife conflict throughout North America and East Africa, and has spent the last 10 years leading a team of lion researchers and Maasai warriors. Stephanie received her PhD from University of Wisconsin, Madison and is a member of the African Lion Working Group, Society for Conservation Biology and The Wildlife Society, and is a research affiliate with the Conservation Conflict Research Institute at the University of Cape Town. Stephanie’s grit and dedication to conservation research, combined with her steadfast commitment to partnering with local communities, has warranted her profound success in reducing retaliatory killings of lions and program growth resulting in Lion Guardians earning the St. Andrews Prize for the Environment. 

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Monday, September 25

2:00pm MDT