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Anthony Giordano

Founder and Chief Conservation Scientist

Anthony J. Giordano is the founder and chief conservation scientist at S.P.E.C.I.E.S., the only organization dedicated specifically to the conservation of the world’s carnivores (www.carnivores.org).  He holds a M.Sc. in Conservation Biology, and a Ph.D. in Wildlife Ecology and Management.  Anthony is a former first round Panthera Kaplan Graduate Scholar, a Fulbright Scholar, a fellow with ConservationXLabs, and is the current President of the Wild Felid Research and Management Association (www.wildfelid.org).  Recently Anthony completed the first ever ecological study of the jaguar in Paraguay, an effort which resulted in the Chaco Jaguar Conservation Project, the only transboundary jaguar conservation effort in the world’s fastest disappearing biome.  Anthony also works with many other cat species, including Sri Lankan leopards, ocelots, fishing cats, snow leopards, and jaguarundis, and is only one of a handful of experts on both species of clouded leopard. 

My Speakers Sessions

Monday, September 25

9:00am MDT